Our FAQ Section can help you with the most common questions our clients ask.

Pricing is based upon a number of credits you get in your subscription to use as you see fit for the service level you are looking for. AI only gets you up to 100 posts if you use all credits for post and choose not to auto schedule or request image descriptions. Depending on how many posts you request and if you request auto scheduling and posting and image descriptions you can get between 8 and 100 posts, should you go to the higher tier you get 500 credits for AI-Human assisted and can get between 29 and 100 posts.

No. The credits only apply to the tier you bought them in. Should you wish to upgrade, we recommend you use up all your credits before you do.

You can request another. If you feel the post was not an error or mistake on our team, but rather not a good fit for you, you can opt to have it replaced at our charge. We also give 5 credits a month for posts you feel are in error and don't work for your restaurant in general.